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 Snake Rescue Refresher

To ensure everyone is covered by insurance, most Wildcare courses are open to members of wildlife rescue groups and other groups or individuals licensed to catch or rescue wildlife only.

Our snake courses consist of a 3 hour theory session and 1 day practical session (outdoors).

The practical component of a snake course involves working with wild caught snakes. We run the courses in late spring and early summer — when the weather is conducive to snake activity. Our ability to run the courses depends not only on the weather, it also requires us to catch sufficient healthy snakes for each course.

Our snake courses are popular and often fully booked.

We have had to cancel our November & December courses due to poor weather. We will run more snake courses in January, weather permitting. Places for new bookings will be limited, however, as we will be giving priority to those people who missed out in November & December.

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