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  • It's tax deductible
  • Every dollar used to rescue, raise, rehabilitate & release

We could not have saved so many native animals without the donations & sponsorship that assists the tireless work of our members & volunteers.

We accept donations in cash and kind, including items such as:

We normally take linen too, but since the bushfires we have rather large stocks so we are not taking these items at this time.

Direct Deposit

  • BSB: 062593
  • Account number: 10216803
  • Account name: Wildcare Queanbeyan Public Fund
  • Reference: Donation: [Your name]

Please let us know you have paid: donations@wildcare.com.au
(so we can send you a receipt)

Other payments

If you are paying for another service please use the following account:

  • BSB: 062593
  • Account number: 28026717
  • Account name: Wildcare
  • Reference: [Payment Type]*: [Your name]

*Please replace [Payment Type] with an alternative Reference description, such as:

  •   Aussie dollars (AUD) only
  •   Please add $2
         (to cover Paypal fees)
  •   Pay: treasurer@wildcare.com.au


Vaccinate volunteers

Seeking to raise $5000 for Q Fever and Lyssavirus vaccinations.

Click for details:

Medical supplies

Medical supplies in short supply at the moment include:

  •   Vet Wrap
  •   Wound Gels
  •   Flamazine or Jelonet
  •   IV Fluids (Saline & Hartmann's)
  •   Non Adherent Dressings
  •   Needles (inlcuding Butterfly needles)
  •   Syringes, especially smaller gauges
  •   Baby Wipes

If you can help out please email us or call us.

Nesting boxes

Wildcare is in need of some nesting boxes. If you enjoy woodcraft, this might be just the thing for you.

We are seeking nesting boxes for the following species, in particular:

We have approximately 20 possum boxes in stock, but they are always popular, so if you would like to make some possum boxes for us, please do.

There are designs at Nest Box Tales (https://nestboxtales.com).

Please follow the nest box designs precisely. Wildcare cannot accept nestboxes that do not comply with NSW regulatory requirements.

Please email us or call us if you have made some boxes for us.

Other goods & services

  •  Best viewed landscape
Items of useHow we use it
Access to suitable large tracts of land For the safe release of rehabilitated native animals
Aviaries, cages, fish tanks and pet carriers For the safe housing and transport of native animals in our rehab
Sheds and any surplus buildings, especially demountable ones Used to make animal enclosures
Shadecloth Used to make animal shelters
Fencing materials Used to make animal enclosures
Old garage roll-a-doors Used to construct wombat enclosures
Handles from broken golf clubs Used to make snake handling hooks
Large tubs and tanks Used as enclosures for certain smaller species
Fabric - cotton, fleece or woolly Used to make pouches and bedding for native animals
Sewing machines Used to stitch pouches and bedding for native animals
Microscopes Used to analyse faecal and other samples to determine the health and progress of sick or injured native animals
Nets Used to safely rescue injured or orphaned native animals
Rescue equipment, such as:
  • ropes and tree climbing equipment
  • portable lighting
  • ladders
  • binoculars
  • first-aid kits
  • safety glasses
  • jerry cans, etc
Used to safely rescue injured or orphaned native animals

Please email us or call us if you are able to help us.

Our images

Stretch: Neck brace to prevent removal of pin in broken wing.

Trapper: Rescued from an illegal trap. Released: 16 Oct 2021.