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Joey Bags

Wildcare Queanbeyan, has an onging need for joey bags to provide essential care for orphaned kangaroo and wallaby joeys. These specialized pouches mimic the warmth and security of a mother's pouch, offering comfort and support to the vulnerable joey. Joey bags are crucial for maintaining their health and well-being, ensuring they receive the nurturing environment they need to thrive. By donating joey bags to Wildcare Queanbeyan, you can make a meaningful difference in the lives of these orphaned joeys and support their journey back to the wild where they belong.
As you can image the joey bags and liners have a hard life with growing joeys stretching them to the limits and the constant washing and drying, so there is a high requirement for replacements.
Wildcare carers use a particular type of joey bag designed by one of our expereienced carers to suit our style of caring and you can click here for the pattern we use with measurements for the different joey life stages. It is important that if you would like to help us by sewing bags for the joeys, we have in care, that you use our design.
The type of material is also important in that joeys are seasonal, with smaller joeys coming into care through winter and remaining in care as they grow through summer, which means we need warmer materials for the smaller joey bags and liners and cooler material for the larger joey bags. Smaller liners are often made out of polar fleece or cotton flanalette, with smaller bags being double lined with an internal insulation, e.g. wading or old dooners, these bags can also be quilted. Larger bags tend to be made out of strong cotton.

There are several ways you can help provide these invaluable specialised pouches to help an orphaned joey

  •   donating material either clean second hand or new
  •   sewing joey bags and or liners using donated material
  •   sourcing the material and sewing liners and pouches
  •   donating money to allow us to buy the material to make pouches and liners

If you would like to help us with joey bags please let us know by emailing us at joeybags@wildcare.com.au so we can coordinate drop off of material/bags etc. and let you know what size bags are most needed.

Thank you for your support.

Eastern Grey Kangaroo joey lounging in a pouch