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Payments (e.g. membership, gifting cards, calendars, invoice, snake course)

Please note - to make a donation please use Make a Donation.....thank you.  

STEP 1.  Let us know to expect the payment.

To do this either email treasurer@wildcare.com.au or phone the Treasurer on 0407 432 630 and provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your address & phone number
  • What you are paying for e.g. snake handling course, gifting cards, calendar, membership 
  • When and how the payment was/will be made
  • Any other relevant details. 

STEP 2. Use one of the following payment methods:

Direct Deposit

  • Account Name: Wildcare Queanbeyan Inc.
  • BSB: 062-593 (Commonwealth Bank, Queanbeyan)
  • Account Number: 28026717
  • Please use your name as the identifier.



  • Make cheque payable to:
    • Wildcare Queanbeyan Inc.
  • Include your:
    • Name, Address and Telephone number
    • Details of what the payment is for.
  • Post to:
    • Wildcare Treasurer
    • PO Box 1404,
    • Queanbeyan, NSW, 2620


  • Do not send cash through the mail
  • Contact the Treasurer by email or phone (0407 432 630) to make arrangements. 

If you have a query please email treasurer@wildcare.com.au or leave a message for Wildcare's Treasurer on 0407 432 630.

Brown snake
Photo by Karen Guillen



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