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Below is a list of items Wildcare is always in need of to allow us to continue to fulfil our mission. Please contact us if you are willing to donate, loan or permit Wildcare to access any of the following:

What we need... How we would use it...

Access to suitable large tracts of land

For the safe release of rehabilitated native animals (conditions apply).

Petrol vouchers

For transport to and from rescue and rehabilitation sites and veterinary clinics - our volunteers cover a large area and drive many country kilometres.

Phone cards or mobile recharge vouchers

Each rescue can involve dozens of phone calls between our coordinators, rescuers and authorities - any generous and community-spirited phone companies out there?!

Aviaries, cages, fish tanks and pet carriers

For the safe housing and transport of native animals in our care.

Sheds and any surplus buildings, especially demountable ones

We would be happy to dismantle and organise removal.

Medical and pharmaceutical products and equipment close to (or just past) their use-by date

They may not be able to be used on humans but can still be effective for the treatment of injured native wildlife.


Used to make animal shelters.

Fencing materials

Used to make animal enclosures.

Old garage roll-a-doors

Used to construct wombat enclosures.

Handles from broken golf clubs

Used to make snake handling hooks.

Large tubs and tanks

Used as enclosures for certain smaller species.


Used as enclosures for certain smaller species.

Fabric - cotton, fleece or woolly

Used to make pouches and bedding for native animals.

Sewing machines

Used to make pouches and bedding for native animals.

Old towels and blankets

Used to make pouches or as bedding for native animals.


Used to analyse faecal and other samples to determine the health and progress of sick or injured native animals.


Used to safely rescue injured or orphaned native animals.

Rescue equipment, such as:

  • ropes and tree climbing equipment
  • portable lighting
  • ladders
  • binoculars
  • first-aid kits
  • safety glasses
  • jerry cans, etc.
Used to safely rescue injured or orphaned native animals.
Tax deductible cash donations Always needed to contribute to the cost of rescuing, feeding and treating the native animals that come into our care.

Green Tree Frog

A green tree frog that's a long way from home
Photo by Fiona Harrison

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