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Wildcare is a voluntary community organisation with no recurrent funding from government. Wildcare relies on donations, membership fees and, when possible, grants to finance the services we provide to our wildlife and the local community.

Another avenue of support for Wildcare's activities is sponsorship by corporations, foundations, families or individuals.

Sponsor contributions to Wildcare will be used for the benefit of sick, injured or orphaned Australian native animals. Key areas of expenditure for sponsor's contributions could include:

  • feeding and caring for orphaned and injured native animals
  • veterinary treatment
  • provision of chemical immobilisation equipment (e.g. tranquiliser gun) and associated consumables
  • constructing aviaries and enclosures to house animals in care
  • supporting the operation of Wildcare's 24-hour/7-day telephone helpline
  • helping us to educate young people and other members of the public about the need to respect and care for our native wildlife and its habitat
  • purchase of much-needed specialist equipment for clinical assessment
  • purchasing fuel or fuel vouchers to offset the expense of long-distance rescues
  • public liability insurance.

As a sponsor you can be confident that your tax deductible contributions are going to a very worthy cause, and Wildcare would be happy to discuss ways in which we can help you get some positive publicity for your support.

Please contact Wildcare's President for more information on how your or your organisation could help us make a difference: president@wildcare.com.au or telephone 02-6299 1966.

  • Snake Handling Sponsorship Program.  The Braidwood and Bungendore Community Banks have kindly agreed to sponsor four people to attend the Wildcare Snake Handling Course .  Sponsorship is to support members of the community to train as Wildcare snake handlers and volunteer for snake call outs.  Sponsorship covers training, equipment and membership fees.  The program is open to members of the community who can assist with snake call outs in Bungendore, Wamboin and Bywong areas.  Preference will be given to people available during business hours.  To apply for sponsorship please complete the online Application Form.    

"Lucy", an Eastern grey kangaroo joey. Lucy was handed into Wildcare after a member of the public had rescued her from a dead mother and tried to raise her. After about a week the person was talked into handing over the joey and encouraged to join Wildcare to learn how to raise these animals. Lucy had been fed with cows milk which is a no-no and was not well when she came into care. She was a late season baby and was 1kg (or approx six months of age) when she came into care in November. She was paired up and raised with two other joeys who were eventually released near Michelago.
Photo by Suzy Watson

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