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Membership is open to any member of the public with an interest in and a desire to help rescue and rehabilitate injured, sick and orphaned Australian native wildlife. There are three categories of membership:

  • Full Standard Membership
  • Additional Family Membership - a discounted rate for additional family members who reside at the same address as a standard member
  • Pensioner - a discounted rate for pensioners.


To become a wildlife carer there are a number of specific requirements that need to be met. A member must:

  • be 18 years of age or older
  • reside within the Wildcare area of operation
  • have completed the relevant training courses

Wildcare's governance documents are listed below and members will need to be familiar with the rules and codes of practice..

It is recommended that you read Wildcare's privacy statement by clicking here.

Please return  your completed form by either post or email. 

If by email, please send the form to membership@wildcare.com.au.

If your are using Australia Post please send to: Membership Wildcare, PO Box 1404, Queanbeyan, 2620

 Wildcare Membership Application Form (pdf).

 Wildcare Membership Application Form (Word). 

You can fill this out electronically, save it and email it.  Please note that you cannot use tab to navigate within the document.  You will need to position the cursor where you wish to type

"Syd Vicious" the wombat came into care at about 1kg (5.5 months of age approximately) after he was picked up by a passing motorist. His mum had been killed. Syd was a very active and ‘talky’ wombat which implies that, as they communicate by biting, he bit a lot!
Photo by Suzy Watson

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