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For media enquiries please contact president@wildcare.com.au

If you see/read anything about Wildcare please send a link or a copy to communications@wildcare.com.au so it can be included here. 

Wildlife carers around Canberra 'bursting at the seams' with injured, malnourished joeys (ABC News - August 29, 2018)

Animal rescue group warns of displaced wildlife after floods (The Canberra Times - January 14, 2016)

Wildcare recuers take charge as native animals find themselves in unusual poitions (The Canberra Times - January 9, 2016)

Koala Bark Chewing (ABC News Nov 21 2015)

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Southern Boobook owl latest rescue success for Wildcare (Canberra Times, Sep 28, 2015)

Koala population under threat (The Cooma-Monaro Express - Mar 23 2015

Animals Run the Gauntlet, Wildcare Decries Cruelty (The Chronicle - Feb 3, 2015 Volume 20 Number 4) 

Tim the Yowie Man's Koala sighting article (Canberra Times - June 16, 2014)

Press release - Wildcare's Tawny Tale - June 2015

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Press release - Snake article - April 2015 (pgs 7 and 17)

Press release - Winter Sleepovers - May 2014

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Press release - Help for wildlife calls keep Wildcare very busy - march 2014

Bungendore Mirror - Help for wildlife calls keep Wildcare very busy - Feb 26, 2014

Snakes on the plains - ABC 2013

Hutch the turtle returns home - Cowra Guardian 2012


A young kookaburra (Dacelo novaeguineae)
Photo by Brett Clifton

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