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Some of the reptiles in our local region:

  • Common Long Neck Tortoise
  • Murray Short Neck Tortoise
  • 2 species of Geckos
  • 5 species of legless lizards
  • 23 species of skinks including:
    • Cunninghams skink
    • Blotched Blue Tongue Lizard
    • Eastern Blue Tongue Lizard
    • Shingleback
  • Jacky Lizard
  • Common Bearded Dragon
  • Heath Monitor
  • Lace Monitor
  • Blind Snake
  • Highland Copper Head
  • White Lipped Snake
  • Mainland Tiger Snake
  • Red Belly Black Snake
  • Small Eyed Snake
  • Eastern Brown Snake.


Some of the amphibians in our local region:

  • Perons Tree Frog
  • Cotter River Frog
  • Whistling Tree Frog
  • Banjo or Pobblebonk Frog
  • Brown Toadlet

Remember that Australian native wildlife is protected and to intentionally kill, injure or keep native wildlife as pets is illegal.

Bearded dragon babies born from incubated eggs while their mother, Freckles, was in care
Photo by Karen Guillen

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