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Some of the mammals you may be fortunate to see in the local region:

  • Eastern Grey Kangaroo
  • Red Necked Wallaby
  • Swamp Wallaby
  • Wallaroo
  • Bare nosed Wombat
  • Greater Glider
  • Yellow Bellied Glider
  • Squirrel Glider - Threatened
  • Sugar Glider
  • Feathertailed Glider
  • Brush Tail Possum
  • Ring Tail Possum
  • Echidna
  • Grey-headed flying fox
  • Little red flying fox
  • Water Rat
  • Broad Toothed Rat
  • Platypus.
  • Microbats: including the Lesser long-eared bat, Gould’s wattled bat, Eastern broadnosed bat, the Eastern bent-wing bat, the Little forest bat and the Large-footed myotis (a tiny fishing bat) among several other species

Remember that Australian native wildlife is protected and to intentionally kill, injure or keep native wildlife as pets is illegal.

'Sirocco', an eastern grey kangaroo, relaxing at her pre-release site
Photo by Brett Clifton

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