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 Eastern grey joeys showing some love

Eastern grey joeys showing some love
Photo: Fiona Harrison


Direct Deposit

  • BSB: 062593
  • Account number: 10216803
  • Account name: Wildcare Queanbeyan Public Fund
  • Reference: Donation: [Your name]

Please let us know you have paid: treasurer@wildcare.com.au (so we can send you a receipt).

Other payments

If you are paying for another service please use the following account:

  • BSB: 062593
  • Account number: 28026717
  • Account name: Wildcare
  • Reference: [Payment Type]*: [Your name]

*Please replace [Payment Type] with an alternative Reference description, such as:

  •   Aussie dollars (AUD) only
  •   Please add $2
         (to cover Paypal fees)
  •   Pay: treasurer@wildcare.com.au


Vaccinate volunteers

Seeking to raise $5000 for Q Fever and Lyssavirus vaccinations.

Click for details:

Medical supplies

Medical supplies in short supply at the moment include:

  •   Vet Wrap
  •   Wound Gels
  •   Flamazine or Jelonet
  •   IV Fluids (Saline & Hartmann's)
  •   Non Adherent Dressings
  •   Needles (inlcuding Butterfly needles)
  •   Syringes, especially smaller gauges
  •   Baby Wipes

If you can help out please email our Secretary or call us  6299 1966.

Nesting boxes

Wildcare is in need of some nesting boxes. If you enjoy woodcraft, this might be just the thing for you.

We are seeking nesting boxes for the following species, in particular:

We have approximately 20 possum boxes in stock, but they are always popular, so if you would like to make some possum boxes for us, please do.

There are designs at Nest Box Tales (https://nestboxtales.com).

Please follow the nest box designs precisely. Wildcare cannot accept nestboxes that do not comply with NSW regulatory requirements.

Please email our Secretary or call us  6299 1966 if you have made some boxes for us.



Rescued: Sept 2019

Jerra duckling was found on a Jerrabombera road one evening.
She had a broken right leg. Usually this is bad news, but young bird bones heal quickly.
She was released a month later after spending time with other ducklings in care. A single duckling does not do well, they need the company of other birds.