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Wildcare's Activities

Wildcare achieves its mission by:

  • developing and maintaining a membership of dedicated volunteers;
  • training our members in the appropriate care of native Australian wildlife and ensuring that we maintain the best standards of care; maintaining accreditation from the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NSW);
  • building productive links with our stakeholders, which include government agencies (local, State and Commonwealth); other wildlife groups in our region; and the general community;
  • raising public awareness of wildlife issues through educational activities and public displays; and
  • ensuring that the donations we receive are put to their most effective use in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of native Australian wildlife.

Wildcare also maintains a 24hr/day, 7days/week helpline phone service to receive reports on sick, injured or orphaned native Australian animals.


Wildcare is a voluntary community organisation with no recurrent funding from government. Wildcare relies on membership fees, grants and donations to finance the services it provides to the local community.

Very young orphaned wombat (Vombatus ursinus) joey in care
Photo by Fiona Harrison

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