Fundraising Wines

If you enjoy a nice wine and are passionate about helping rescue and rehabilitate native wildlife, then this is the perfect way to fulfil both desires.  

We have two great partners providing our wonderful fundraising wines.  Depending on what you order Wildcare gets between $20 and $50 per dozen to help with rescuing, raising, rehabilitating and releasing native wildlife.  How good is that!

All wines are sold and handled directly by our partners.  The perfect gift or just perfect to enjoy.  To order your wine go to either/both:

 7 different wines featuring a different Wildcare animal on each. 

Huge variety including vegan wines.  You choose the wine and our Wildcare label is put on it.  All wines labelled identically.  

Please tell your friends, family and work colleagues about us and how they can enjoy a wine while helping wildlife. 


Tawny Frogmouth (Podargus strigoides)

Photo by Lyn Giles 

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