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 Snake Rescue

Key presenter: Belinda Hogarth-Boyd

To ensure everyone is covered by insurance, this course is open to members of wildlife rescue groups and other groups or individuals licensed to catch or rescue snakes only.

Course dates for 2021

We will be working with wild caught snakes. This is why we run courses in late spring and early summer — when snakes are active and able to participate in the course.

These courses consists of:

Friday evening: 6-9pm:  online theory session
Saturday or Sunday1 day practical session
Limit: 12 people per course
Prac session venue (Sat or Sun)
 Bywong Community Hall, 67 Birriwa Road, Bywong
Venue for Sun 12 Dec: To be advised

Course costs:

 New  Refresher
Other rescue groups$200$50

1 Prices are per person and apply regardless of whether a person is employer-sponsored or not.
2 Refreshers are expected to bring their own equipment, which should be in good condition. Equipment will be checked at the theory session. Any equipment that is damaged or unsuitable will need to be replaced prior to participating in the practical session.
3 Professional refers to individuals or businesses that charge a fee for snake rescue & removal.
4 Refresher training is required every 2 years to maintain certification.

Any questions, contact:  training@wildcare.com.au

Bookings are currently unavailable or closed for the 10 & 11 Dec course

Bookings are currently unavailable or closed for the 10 & 12 Dec course

Bookings close a week before the start of the course or when fully booked.

Please note that poor weather or the reintroduction of stricter COVID measures may affect our ability to run all scheduled practical components of the course.
We will endeavour to accommodate everyone who wishes to participate in one of the courses, however, we cannot guarantee a place. Anyone who misses out will be given priority for the next available course.

Course details

  • Safety | Safety | Safety

The practical session provides hands-on experience with common species of venomous snakes found in the Wildcare area, namely: Eastern Brown Snakes; Tiger Snakes; and Red-Belly Black Snakes.

You should bring your equipment, sun protection, lunch, snacks and drinks with you to the practical day. There are no shops close to the areas where we run the courses.

The course focuses on the skills needed to better understand snakes and to safely rescue snakes:

  • You will learn about snake identification, first aid, snake handling techniques, and methods to reduce snake interactions around the home. This should help you develop an appreciation for and understanding of snake behaviour.
  • You will receive a demonstration of how to use snake handling equipment.
  • You will be given an opportunity to use your equipment with wild snakes, under supervision.
    • The equipment to be used includes: Hoop, snake bag, snake jigger & compression bandage. (Details will be emailed prior to the course)

  • You should wear suitable clothing and footwear
    • wear jeans or heavy workwear trousers. These should not be skin-tight (ie. no jodhpurs or skinny jeans)
    • wear study footwear that covers the ankle (ie. work boots, hiking boots). No mesh sneakers
    • bring a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses (polarised are best)

  • The course requires a level of fitness and mobility to safely handle snakes. You must be able to bend and touch their toes, walk quickly in a crouched position, and hold and lift 2 kg.
    • We have found that the course is generally not suitable for people with lower-back injuries, wrist-strains, and serious knee injuries.
      If you have a concern, please raise this with the Snakes Coordinator prior to enrolment.


At the completion of the course you will be issued with a certificate recognising your skills.

Certification is NOT a licence or authority for an individual to rescue, handle or catch wild snakes in NSW or the ACT or any other State or Territory.

What certification allows

Certification allows you to volunteer for snake rescue with Wildcare Queanbeyan or similar wildlife rescue organisations. This activity is conducted at no cost to the person seeking the service and often volunteers have to meet their own costs of conducting a rescue. We would like to strongly encourage you to consider volunteering for such an important community service.

Certification provides you with the base level skills required to apply for a 'snake catching' licence in New South Wales or other States & Territories. Having such skills is necessary for the grant of a licence, but not sufficient. Individuals also need to demonstrate why it is appropriate for them to be granted a licence.

Australian native animals are protected

All Australian native animals, including snakes, are protected under law. You are generally not permitted to pick up, catch, relocate, keep as pets or kill native animals, except under very special circumstances. Significant financial and other penalties apply to illegal handling of Australian native animals.

Special licences are required for activities related to the rescue, rehabilitation, release and euthanising of Australian native animals, such as snakes. Licences are issued in each State & Territory. The licences apply within the State or Territory only. A licence issued in New South Wales cannot be used in another State or Territory and vice versa.

Wildcare Queanbeyan has a New South Wales licence, which allows it to conduct rescue and related activities within its designated boundaries (a large area within NSW surrounding much of the ACT).

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This is a COVIDsafe event

All course attendees will be required to abide by any government mandated COVID restrictions in place at the time of the event.

Hand sanitiser will be available for use and all food and snacks, if provided by Wildcare, are individually wrapped.

We ask that all course attendees practise social distancing and wash or sanitise their hands regularly.

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