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Donations to Wildcare are Tax Deductible! 

Wildcare has been lucky to have so many supporters making contributing, as well as those who make generous donations to help us keep helping our native animals all year long.

Your continued and generous support is crucial to our rehabiiltation efforts and we are so very thankful for the high levels of support and generosity shown by so many. 

Direct Deposit

- Your Name, Phone number and postal or email address so we can out your tax deductible receipt

- When and how the donation was/will be made and any other relevant details

  • Account Name:         Wildcare Queanbeyan Inc. Public Fund
  • BSB:                           062-593 (Commonwealth Bank, Queanbeyan)
  • Account Number:     10216803
  • Please use your name as the identifier.
  • Let us know to expect your Donation. Either email treasurer@wildcare.com.au or phone the Treasurer on 0407 432 630 and provide the following information:

 Pay Pal


  • Give your donation to one of our members or directly to our Treasurer.
  • Include your:  Name, Address and Telephone number.
  • Please don't send cash through the post.


Please note - to pay an invoice, membership fees etc please use Make a Payment.....thank you.  

If you have a query please email treasurer@wildcare.com.au leave a message for Wildcare's Treasurer on 0407 432 630.

If you can help by donating your time, effort or any supplies such as towels, medical supplies, transport, enclosures, and around 100 other options please email Wildcare's Secretary at secretary@wildcare.com.au


*************  THANK YOU  ***********

Eastern grey joeys showing some love 

 Photo by Fiona Harrison


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